User language templates aid multilingual communication by making it easier to contact someone who speaks a certain language. The idea originated on the Wikimedia Commons and has also been implemented on Meta-Wiki and some of the other Wikipedias, to varying extents. To participate, you can add the Babel template to your user page by following these instructions:



  • Start off with {{Babel-X|if=|
  • Next add one of the following codes for each language you speak or understand, separated by |, where xx is the Wikipedia code for the language. The general usage of each code level is as follows (note that not all languages have all levels, but you may create the template you are missing, except for de-5):
    • xx-0 if you don't understand the language at all. Don't use it for every language you don't know; only when there is some reason why you might be expected to know it.
    • xx-1 for basic ability - enough to understand written material or simple questions in this language.
    • xx-2 for intermediate ability - enough for editing or discussions.
    • xx-3 for advanced level - though you can write in this language with no problem, some small errors might occur.
    • xx-4 for 'near-native' level - although it's not your first language from birth, your ability is something like that of a native speaker.
    • xx-5 for professional proficiency. Note that this template is currently only available for English; the German one was recently deleted at TfD.
    • xx (no hyphen or number) for native speakers who use a language every day and have a perfect grasp of it, including colloquialisms.
  • Expanded definitions of these levels are also available.
  • Then finish by adding closing braces: }}
ފަންވަތް:User sv
ފަންވަތް:User no-4
ފަންވަތް:User he-3
ފަންވަތް:User lt-2
es-1 Este usuario puede contribuir con un nivel básico de español.

ފަންވަތް:User an-0
Search user languages

So, for example, {{Babel-X|if=|en|de-1}} would indicate a native speaker of English with basic knowledge of German. {{Babel-X|if=|sv|no-4|he-3|lt-2|es-1|an-0}} would indicate a native speaker of Swedish with an almost-native knowledge of Norwegian, advanced knowledge of Hebrew, an intermediate knowledge of Lithuanian, a basic knowledge of Spanish and no knowledge of Aragonese.

These templates add you to the category associated with your level of understanding, and to the overall category for that language.

To find someone who speaks a particular language, see user languages, and follow the links. For the most part, the two and three letter codes are taken from ISO 639, but see this list for a comprehensive guide.

You can help expand this system by creating templates for your language. Categories have already been created for most languages which have editions of Wikipedia containing over a hundred articles; they just need labelling up! It's recommended to copy the English or French versions when expanding the scheme, as most of the languages listed here are incomplete.

Note that all sign languages currently use the same template with language code "sgn", with the exception of American Sign Language users who should use the ASL template. Other sign languages can be specified within the {{User sgn}} template itself. The use of this parameter requires the user to perform an extra step when using the {{Babel-#}} templates, described here.


There are other options for achieving results the same as or similar to the standard Babel-X template above.

  1. You can add stand-alone language templates. Format: {{User xx-1}}{{User yy-1}}{{User zz-1}}.
  2. You can use the Babel-N template. Format: {{Babel-N |1={{User xx-1}}{{User yy-1}}{{User zz-1}}}}.
  3. You can use top and bottom templates to make the box. Format: {{Userboxtop}}{{User xx-1}}{{User yy-1}}{{User zz-1}}{{Userboxbottom}}.

Natural languages

aa - Afar (Afar)

Category: user aa

{{user aa-1}} — basic

{{user aa-2}} — intermediate

{{user aa-3}} — advanced

{{user aa-4}} — near native

{{user aa}} — native

ab - Аҧсуа (Abkhaz)

Category: user ab

{{user ab-1}} — basic

{{user ab-2}} — intermediate

{{user ab-3}} — advanced

{{user ab-4}} — near native

{{user ab}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2 ފަންވަތް:Babels2

ak - Akan (Akan)

Category: user ak

{{user ak-1}} — basic

{{user ak-2}} — intermediate

{{user ak-3}} — advanced

{{user ak-4}} — near native

{{user ak}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2

am - አማርኛ (Amharic)

Category: user am

{{user am-1}} — basic

{{user am-2}} — intermediate

{{user am-3}} — advanced

{{user am-4}} — near native

{{user am}} — native

an - Aragonés (Aragonese)

Category: User an

ang - Englisc (Old English)

Category: user ang

{{user ang-1}} — basic

{{user ang-2}} — intermediate

{{user ang-3}} — advanced

{{user ang-4}} — near native

{{user ang}} — native

ar - العربية (Arabic)

Category: user ar

{{user ar-1}} — basic

{{user ar-2}} — intermediate

{{user ar-3}} — advanced

{{user ar-4}} — near native

{{user ar}} — native

arc - ܐܪܡܝܐ (Aramaic)

Category: user arc

{{user arc-1}} — basic

{{user arc-2}} — intermediate

{{user arc-3}} — advanced

{{user arc-4}} — near native

{{user arc}} — native

See also

as - অসমীয়া (Assamese)

Category: user as

{{user as-1}} — basic

{{user as-2}} — intermediate

{{user as-3}} — advanced

{{user as-4}} — near native

{{user as}} — native

ASL - ASL (American Sign Language)

Category: user ASL

{{user ASL-1}} — basic

{{user ASL-2}} — intermediate

{{user ASL-3}} — advanced

{{user ASL-4}} — near native

{{user ASL}} — native (ASL-4 is currently deprecated)

ast - Asturianu (Asturian)

Category: user ast

{{user ast-1}} — basic

{{user ast-2}} — intermediate

{{user ast-3}} — advanced

{{user ast-4}} — near native

{{user ast}} — native

av - Авар (Avar)

Category: user av

{{user av-1}} — basic

{{user av-2}} — intermediate

{{user av-3}} — advanced

{{user av-4}} — near native

{{user av}} — native

ay - Aymar (Aymara)

Category: user ay

{{user ay-1}} — basic

{{user ay-2}} — intermediate

{{user ay-3}} — advanced

{{user ay-4}} — near native

{{user ay}} — native

az - Azərbaycan dili (Azerbaijani)

Category: user az

{{user az-1}} — basic

{{user az-2}} — intermediate

{{user az-3}} — advanced

{{user az-4}} — near native

{{user az}} — native

ba - Башқорт (Bashkir)

Category: user ba

{{user ba-1}} — basic

{{user ba-2}} — intermediate

{{user ba-3}} — advanced

{{user ba-4}} — near native

{{user ba}} — native

be - Беларуская (Belarusian)

Category: user be

{{user be-1}} — basic

{{user be-2}} — intermediate

{{user be-3}} — advanced

{{user be-4}} — near native

{{user be}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

bh - भोजपुरी (Bhojpuri)

Category: user bh

{{user bh-1}} — basic

{{user bh-2}} — intermediate

{{user bh-3}} — advanced

{{user bh-4}} — near native

{{user bh}} — native

bi - Bislama (Bislama)

Category: user bi

{{user bi-1}} — basic

{{user bi-2}} — intermediate

{{user bi-3}} — advanced

{{user bi-4}} — near native

{{user bi}} — native

bm - Bamanankan (Bambara)

Category: user bm

{{user bm-1}} — basic

{{user bm-2}} — intermediate

{{user bm-3}} — advanced

{{user bm-4}} — near native

{{user bm}} — native

bn - বাংলা / Bānglā (Bengali)

Category: user bn

{{user bn-1}} — basic

{{user bn-2}} — intermediate

{{user bn-3}} — advanced

{{user bn-4}} — near native

{{user bn}} — native

bo - བོད་ཡིག (Tibetan)

Category: user bo

{{user bo-1}} — basic

{{user bo-2}} — intermediate

{{user bo-3}} — advanced

{{user bo-4}} — near native

{{user bo}} — native

br - Brezhoneg (Breton)

Category: user br

{{user br-1}} — basic

{{user br-2}} — intermediate

{{user br-3}} — advanced

{{user br-4}} — near native

{{user br}} — native

bs - Bosanski (Bosnian)

Category: user bs

{{user bs-1}} — basic

{{user bs-2}} — intermediate

{{user bs-3}} — advanced

{{user bs-4}} — near native

{{user bs}} — native

ca - Català (Catalan)

Category: user ca

{{user ca-1}} — basic

{{user ca-2}} — intermediate

{{user ca-3}} — advanced

{{user ca-4}} — near native

{{user ca}} — native

ce - Нохчийн (Chechen)

Category: user ce

{{user ce-1}} — basic

{{user ce-2}} — intermediate

{{user ce-3}} — advanced

{{user ce-4}} — near native

{{user ce}} — native

ceb - Sugbuanon (Cebuano)

Category: user ceb

{{user ceb-1}} — basic

{{user ceb-2}} — intermediate

{{user ceb-3}} — advanced

{{user ceb-4}} — near native

{{user ceb}} — native

ch - Chamoru (Chamorro)

Category: user ch

{{user ch-1}} — basic

{{user ch-2}} — intermediate

{{user ch-3}} — advanced

{{user ch-4}} — near native

{{user ch}} — native

cho - Choctaw (Choctaw)

Category: user cho

{{user cho-1}} — basic

{{user cho-2}} — intermediate

{{user cho-3}} — advanced

{{user cho-4}} — near native

{{user cho}} — native

chr - ᏣᎳᎩ (Cherokee)

Category: user chr

{{user chr-1}} — basic

{{user chr-2}} — intermediate

{{user chr-3}} — advanced

{{user chr-4}} — near native

{{user chr}} — native

chy - Tsetsêhestâhese (Cheyenne)

Category: user chy

{{user chy-1}} — basic

{{user chy-2}} — intermediate

{{user chy-3}} — advanced

{{user chy-4}} — near native

{{user chy}} — native

co - Corsu (Corsican)

Category: user co

{{user co-1}} — basic

{{user co-2}} — intermediate

{{user co-3}} — advanced

{{user co-4}} — near native

{{user co}} — native

cr - Nehiyaw (Cree)

Category: user cr

{{user cr-1}} — basic

{{user cr-2}} — intermediate

{{user cr-3}} — advanced

{{user cr-4}} — near native

{{user cr}} — native

cs - Český (Czech)

Category: user cs

{{user cs-1}} — basic

{{user cs-2}} — intermediate

{{user cs-3}} — advanced

{{user cs-4}} — near native

{{user cs}} — native

csb - Kaszëbsczi (Kashubian)

Category: user csb

{{user csb-1}} — basic

{{user csb-2}} — intermediate

{{user csb-3}} — advanced

{{user csb-4}} — near native

{{user csb}} — native

cv - Чӑваш (Chuvash)

Category: user cv

{{user cv-1}} — basic

{{user cv-2}} — intermediate

{{user cv-3}} — advanced

{{user cv-4}} — near native

{{user cv}} — native

cy - Cymraeg (Welsh)

Category: user cy

{{user cy-1}} — basic

{{user cy-2}} — intermediate

{{user cy-3}} — advanced

{{user cy-4}} — near native

{{user cy}} — native

da - Dansk (Danish)

Category: user da

{{user da-1}} — basic

{{user da-2}} — intermediate

{{user da-3}} — advanced

{{user da-4}} — near native

{{user da}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

dsb - Dolnoserbski (Lower Sorbian)

Category: user dsb

{{user dsb-1}} — basic

{{user dsb-2}} — intermediate

{{user dsb-3}} — advanced

{{user dsb-4}} — near native

{{user dsb}} — native

dv - Dhivehi (Dhivehi)

Category: user dv

{{user dv-1}} — basic

{{user dv-2}} — intermediate

{{user dv-3}} — advanced

{{user dv-4}} — near native

{{user dv}} — native

dz - རྫོང་ཁ (Dzongkha)

Category: user dz

{{user dz-1}} — basic

{{user dz-2}} — intermediate

{{user dz-3}} — advanced

{{user dz-4}} — near native

{{user dz}} — native

ee - Eve (Ewe)

Category: user ee

{{user ee-1}} — basic

{{user ee-2}} — intermediate

{{user ee-3}} — advanced

{{user ee-4}} — near native

{{user ee}} — native

el - Ελληνικά (Greek)

Category: user el

{{user el-1}} — basic

{{user el-2}} — intermediate

{{user el-3}} — advanced

{{user el-4}} — near native

{{user el}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

en-sg - Singlish (Singlish)

Category: user en-sg

{{user en-sg-1}} — basic

{{user en-sg-2}} — intermediate

{{user en-sg-3}} — advanced

{{user en-sg-4}} — near native

{{user en-sg}} — native

en-me - Englissh (Middle English)

Category: user en-me

{{user en-me-1}} — basic

{{user en-me-2}} — intermediate

{{user en-me-3}} — advanced

{{user en-me-4}} — near native

{{user en-me}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2

er - Europanto (Europanto)

Category: user er

{{user er-1}} — basic

{{user er-2}} — intermediate

{{user er-3}} — advanced

{{user er-4}} — near native

{{user er}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

et - Eesti (Estonian)

Category: user et

{{user et-1}} — basic

{{user et-2}} — intermediate

{{user et-3}} — advanced

{{user et-4}} — near native

{{user et}} — native

eu - Euskara (Basque)

Category: user eu

{{user eu-1}} — basic

{{user eu-2}} — intermediate

{{user eu-3}} — advanced

{{user eu-4}} — near native

{{user eu}} — native

fa - فارسی (Persian)

Category: user fa

{{user fa-1}} — basic

{{user fa-2}} — intermediate

{{user fa-3}} — advanced

{{user fa-4}} — near native

{{user fa}} — native

ff - Fulfulde (Fula)

Category: user ff

{{user ff-1}} — basic

{{user ff-2}} — intermediate

{{user ff-3}} — advanced

{{user ff-4}} — near native

{{user ff}} — native

fi - Suomi (Finnish)

Category: user fi

{{user fi-1}} — basic

{{user fi-2}} — intermediate

{{user fi-3}} — advanced

{{user fi-4}} — near native

{{user fi}} — native

fiu-vro - Võro (Võro)

Category: user fiu-vro

{{user fiu-vro-1}} — basic

{{user fiu-vro-2}} — intermediate

{{user fiu-vro-3}} — advanced

{{user fiu-vro-4}} — near native

{{user fiu-vro}} — native

fj - Vosa vaka-Viti (Fijian)

Category: user fj

{{user fj-1}} — basic

{{user fj-2}} — intermediate

{{user fj-3}} — advanced

{{user fj-4}} — near native

{{user fj}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

fur - Furlan (Friulian)

Category: user fur

{{user fur-1}} — basic

{{user fur-2}} — intermediate

{{user fur-3}} — advanced

{{user fur-4}} — near native

{{user fur}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

gd - Gàidhlig (Scottish Gaelic)

Category: user gd

{{user gd-1}} — basic

{{user gd-2}} — intermediate

{{user gd-3}} — advanced

{{user gd-4}} — near native

{{user gd}} — native

gil - Kiribati (Gilbertese)

Category: user gil

{{user gil-1}} — basic

{{user gil-2}} — intermediate

{{user gil-3}} — advanced

{{user gil-4}} — near native

{{user gil}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

gn - Avañe'ẽ (Guaraní)

Category: user gn

{{user gn-1}} — basic

{{user gn-2}} — intermediate

{{user gn-3}} — advanced

{{user gn-4}} — near native

{{user gn}} — native

got - 𐌲𐌿𐍄𐌹𐍃𐌺𐌰 𐍂𐌰𐌶𐌳𐌰 (Gothic)

Category: user got

{{user got-1}} — basic

{{user got-2}} — intermediate

{{user got-3}} — advanced

{{user got-4}} — near native

{{user got}} — native

grc - Αρχαία Ελληνική (Ελληνιστί) (Classical Greek)

Category: user grc

{{user grc-1}} — basic

{{user grc-2}} — intermediate

{{user grc-3}} — advanced

{{user grc-4}} — near native

{{user grc}} — native

gu - ગુજરાતી (Gujarati)

Category: user gu

{{user gu-1}} — basic

{{user gu-2}} — intermediate

{{user gu-3}} — advanced

{{user gu-4}} — near native

{{user gu}} — native

gv - Gaelg (Manx)

Category: user gv

{{user gv-1}} — basic

{{user gv-2}} — intermediate

{{user gv-3}} — advanced

{{user gv-4}} — near native

{{user gv}} — native

ha - Hausa (Hausa)

Category: user ha

{{user ha-1}} — basic

{{user ha-2}} — intermediate

{{user ha-3}} — advanced

{{user ha-4}} — near native

{{user ha}} — native

haw - Hawai‘i (Hawaiian)

Category: user haw

{{user haw-1}} — basic

{{user haw-2}} — intermediate

{{user haw-3}} — advanced

{{user haw-4}} — near native

{{user haw}} — native

he - עברית (Hebrew)

Category: user he

{{user he-1}} — basic

{{user he-2}} — intermediate

{{user he-3}} — advanced

{{user he-4}} — near native

{{user he}} — native

hess - Hessisch (Hessian)

Category: user hess

{{user hess-1}} — basic

{{user hess-2}} — intermediate

{{user hess-3}} — advanced

{{user hess-4}} — near native

{{user hess}} — native

hi - हिन्दी (Hindi)

Category: user hi

{{user hi-1}} — basic

{{user hi-2}} — intermediate

{{user hi-3}} — advanced

{{user hi-4}} — near native

{{user hi}} — native

ho - Hiri Motu (Hiri Motu)

Category: user ho

{{user ho-1}} — basic

{{user ho-2}} — intermediate

{{user ho-3}} — advanced

{{user ho-4}} — near native

{{user ho}} — native

hr - Hrvatski (Croatian)

Category: user hr

{{user hr-1}} — basic

{{user hr-2}} — intermediate

{{user hr-3}} — advanced

{{user hr-4}} — near native

{{user hr}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels3 ފަންވަތް:Babels3

hwc - Pidgin (Hawaiian Pidgin)

Category: user hwc

{{user hwc-1}} — basic

{{user hwc-2}} — intermediate

{{user hwc-3}} — advanced

{{user hwc-4}} — near native

{{user hwc}} — native

hy - Հայերեն (Armenian)

Category: user hy

{{user hy-1}} — basic

{{user hy-2}} — intermediate

{{user hy-3}} — advanced

{{user hy-4}} — near native

{{user hy}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2

id - Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian)

Category: user id

{{user id-1}} — basic

{{user id-2}} — intermediate

{{user id-3}} — advanced

{{user id-4}} — near native

{{user id}} — native

ie - Interlingue (Occidental)

Category: user ie

{{user ie-1}} — basic

{{user ie-2}} — intermediate

{{user ie-3}} — advanced

{{user ie-4}} — near native

{{user ie}} — native

ig - Igbo (Igbo)

Category: user ig

{{user ig-1}} — basic

{{user ig-2}} — intermediate

{{user ig-3}} — advanced

{{user ig-4}} — near native

{{user ig}} — native

ii - ꆇꉙ (Yi)

Category: user ii

{{user ii-1}} — basic

{{user ii-2}} — intermediate

{{user ii-3}} — advanced

{{user ii-4}} — near native

{{user ii}} — native

ik - Iñupiak (Inupiak)

Category: user ik

{{user ik-1}} — basic

{{user ik-2}} — intermediate

{{user ik-3}} — advanced

{{user ik-4}} — near native

{{user ik}} — native

ilo - Ilokano (Ilokano)

Category: user ilo

{{user ilo-1}} — basic

{{user ilo-2}} — intermediate

{{user ilo-3}} — advanced

{{user ilo-4}} — near native

{{user ilo}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2

is - Íslenska (Icelandic)

Category: user is

{{user is-1}} — basic

{{user is-2}} — intermediate

{{user is-3}} — advanced

{{user is-4}} — near native

{{user is}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

iu - ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ (Inuktitut)

Category: user iu

{{user iu-1}} — basic

{{user iu-2}} — intermediate

{{user iu-3}} — advanced

{{user iu-4}} — near native

{{user iu}} — native

ja - 日本語 (Japanese)

Category: user ja

{{user ja-1}} — basic

{{user ja-2}} — intermediate

{{user ja-3}} — advanced

{{user ja-4}} — near native

{{user ja}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2

jv - Basa Jawa/Basa Jawi (Javanese)

Category: user jv

{{user jv-1}} — basic

{{user jv-2}} — intermediate

{{user jv-3}} — advanced

{{user jv-4}} — near native

{{user jv}} — native

ka - ქართული / Kartuli (Georgian)

Category: user ka

{{user ka-1}} — basic

{{user ka-2}} — intermediate

{{user ka-3}} — advanced

{{user ka-4}} — near native

{{user ka}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

kg - Kikong (Kongo)

Category: user kg

{{user kg-1}} — basic

{{user kg-2}} — intermediate

{{user kg-3}} — advanced

{{user kg-4}} — near native

{{user kg}} — native

ki - Gĩkũyũ (Kikuyu)

Category: user ki

{{user ki-1}} — basic

{{user ki-2}} — intermediate

{{user ki-3}} — advanced

{{user ki-4}} — near native

{{user ki}} — native

kj - Kuanyama (Kuanyama)

Category: user kj

{{user kj-1}} — basic

{{user kj-2}} — intermediate

{{user kj-3}} — advanced

{{user kj-4}} — near native

{{user kj}} — native

kk - Қазақша (Kazakh)

Category: user kk

{{user kk-1}} — basic

{{user kk-2}} — intermediate

{{user kk-3}} — advanced

{{user kk-4}} — near native

{{user kk}} — native

kl - Kalaallisut (Kalaallisut)

Category: user kl

{{user kl-1}} — basic

{{user kl-2}} — intermediate

{{user kl-3}} — advanced

{{user kl-4}} — near native

{{user kl}} — native

km - ភាសាខ្មែរ (Khmer)

Category: user km

{{user km-1}} — basic

{{user km-2}} — intermediate

{{user km-3}} — advanced

{{user km-4}} — near native

{{user km}} — native

kn - ಕನ್ನಡ (Kannada)

Category: user kn

{{user kn-1}} — basic

{{user kn-2}} — intermediate

{{user kn-3}} — advanced

{{user kn-4}} — near native

{{user kn}} — native

ko - 한국어 (Korean)

Category: user ko

{{user ko-1}} — basic

{{user ko-2}} — intermediate

{{user ko-3}} — advanced

{{user ko-4}} — near native

{{user ko}} — native

kr - Kanuri (Kanuri)

Category: user kr

{{user kr-1}} — basic

{{user kr-2}} — intermediate

{{user kr-3}} — advanced

{{user kr-4}} — near native

{{user kr}} — native

ks - कश्मीरी / كشميري (Kashmiri)

Category: user ks

{{user ks-1}} — basic

{{user ks-2}} — intermediate

{{user ks-3}} — advanced

{{user ks-4}} — near native

{{user ks}} — native

ku - Kurdî / كوردی (Kurdish)

Category: user ku

{{user ku-1}} — basic

{{user ku-2}} — intermediate

{{user ku-3}} — advanced

{{user ku-4}} — near native

{{user ku}} — native

kv - Коми (Komi)

Category: user kv

{{user kv-1}} — basic

{{user kv-2}} — intermediate

{{user kv-3}} — advanced

{{user kv-4}} — near native

{{user kv}} — native

kw - Kernewek (Cornish)

Category: user kw

{{user kw-1}} — basic

{{user kw-2}} — intermediate

{{user kw-3}} — advanced

{{user kw-4}} — near native

{{user kw}} — native

ky - Кыргызча (Kyrgyz)

Category: user ky

{{user ky-1}} — basic

{{user ky-2}} — intermediate

{{user ky-3}} — advanced

{{user ky-4}} — near native

{{user ky}} — native

la - Latina (Latin)

Category: user la

{{user la-1}} — basic

{{user la-2}} — intermediate

{{user la-3}} — advanced

{{user la-4}} — near native

{{user la}} — native

lad - Djudeo-espanyol (Ladino)

Category: user lad

{{user lad-1}} — basic

{{user lad-2}} — intermediate

{{user lad-3}} — advanced

{{user lad-4}} — near native

{{user lad}} — native

lb - Lëtzebuergesch (Luxembourgish)

Category: user lb

{{user lb-1}} — basic

{{user lb-2}} — intermediate

{{user lb-3}} — advanced

{{user lb-4}} — near native

{{user lb}} — native

lg - Luganda (Luganda)

Category: user lg

{{user lg-1}} — basic

{{user lg-2}} — intermediate

{{user lg-3}} — advanced

{{user lg-4}} — near native

{{user lg}} — native

li - Lèmburgs (Limburgish)

Category: user li

{{user li-1}} — basic

{{user li-2}} — intermediate

{{user li-3}} — advanced

{{user li-4}} — near native

{{user li}} — native

lk - Lakhota (Lakota)

Category: user lk

{{user lk-1}} — basic

{{user lk-2}} — intermediate

{{user lk-3}} — advanced

{{user lk-4}} — near native

{{user lk}} — native

ln - Lingála (Lingala)

Category: user ln

{{user ln-1}} — basic

{{user ln-2}} — intermediate

{{user ln-3}} — advanced

{{user ln-4}} — near native

{{user ln}} — native

lo - ພາສາລາວ (Lao)

Category: user lo

{{user lo-1}} — basic

{{user lo-2}} — intermediate

{{user lo-3}} — advanced

{{user lo-4}} — near native

{{user lo}} — native

lt - Lietuvių (Lithuanian)

Category: user lt

{{user lt-1}} — basic

{{user lt-2}} — intermediate

{{user lt-3}} — advanced

{{user lt-4}} — near native

{{user lt}} — native

lv - Latviešu (Latvian)

Category: user lv

{{user lv-1}} — basic

{{user lv-2}} — intermediate

{{user lv-3}} — advanced

{{user lv-4}} — near native

{{user lv}} — native

lzz - Lazuri Nena/Chanuri (Laz)

Category: user lzz

{{user lzz-1}} — basic

{{user lzz-2}} — intermediate

{{user lzz-3}} — advanced

{{user lzz-4}} — near native

{{user lzz}} — native

ma - مصري (Egyptian Arabic)

Category: user ma

{{user ma-1}} — basic

{{user ma-2}} — intermediate

{{user ma-3}} — advanced

{{user ma-4}} — near native

{{user ma}} — native

mg - Malagasy (Malagasy)

Category: user mg

{{user mg-1}} — basic

{{user mg-2}} — intermediate

{{user mg-3}} — advanced

{{user mg-4}} — near native

{{user mg}} — native

mh - Ebon (Marshallese)

Category: user mh

{{user mh-1}} — basic

{{user mh-2}} — intermediate

{{user mh-3}} — advanced

{{user mh-4}} — near native

{{user mh}} — native

mi - Māori (Maori)

Category: user mi

{{user mi-1}} — basic

{{user mi-2}} — intermediate

{{user mi-3}} — advanced

{{user mi-4}} — near native

{{user mi}} — native

mk - Македонски (Macedonian)

Category: user mk

{{user mk-1}} — basic

{{user mk-2}} — intermediate

{{user mk-3}} — advanced

{{user mk-4}} — near native

{{user mk}} — native

ml - മലയാളം (Malayalam)

Category: user ml

{{user ml-1}} — basic

{{user ml-2}} — intermediate

{{user ml-3}} — advanced

{{user ml-4}} — near native

{{user ml}} — native

mn - Монгол (Mongolian)

Category: user mn

{{user mn-1}} — basic

{{user mn-2}} — intermediate

{{user mn-3}} — advanced

{{user mn-4}} — near native

{{user mn}} — native

mnc - ᠮᠠᠨᠵᡠ ᡤᡳᠰᡠᠨ ᠪᡝ (Manchu)

Category: user mnc

{{user mnc-1}} — basic

{{user mnc-2}} — intermediate

{{user mnc-3}} — advanced

{{user mnc-4}} — near native

{{user mnc}} — native

mo - Moldovenească (Moldovan)

Category: user mo

{{user mo-1}} — basic

{{user mo-2}} — intermediate

{{user mo-3}} — advanced

{{user mo-4}} — near native

{{user mo}} — native

mr - मराठी (Marathi)

Category: user mr

{{user mr-1}} — basic

{{user mr-2}} — intermediate

{{user mr-3}} — advanced

{{user mr-4}} — near native

{{user mr}} — native

ms - Bahasa Melayu (Malay)

Category: user ms

{{user ms-1}} — basic

{{user ms-2}} — intermediate

{{user ms-3}} — advanced

{{user ms-4}} — near native

{{user ms}} — native

mt - Malti (Maltese)

Category: user mt

{{user mt-1}} — basic

{{user mt-2}} — intermediate

{{user mt-3}} — advanced

{{user mt-4}} — near native

{{user mt}} — native

mus - Mvskoke (Creek)

Category: user mus

{{user mus-1}} — basic

{{user mus-2}} — intermediate

{{user mus-3}} — advanced

{{user mus-4}} — near native

{{user mus}} — native

my - ဗမာစာ (Burmese)

Category: user my

{{user my-1}} — basic

{{user my-2}} — intermediate

{{user my-3}} — advanced

{{user my-4}} — near native

{{user my}} — native

na - Ekakairũ Naoero (Nauruan)

Category: user na

{{user na-1}} — basic

{{user na-2}} — intermediate

{{user na-3}} — advanced

{{user na-4}} — near native

{{user na}} — native

nah - Nawatl (Nahuatl)

Category: user nah

{{user nah-1}} — basic

{{user nah-2}} — intermediate

{{user nah-3}} — advanced

{{user nah-4}} — near native

{{user nah}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2

ne - नेपाली (Nepali)

Category: user ne

{{user ne-1}} — basic

{{user ne-2}} — intermediate

{{user ne-3}} — advanced

{{user ne-4}} — near native

{{user ne}} — native

ng - Oshiwambo (Ndonga)

Category: user ng

{{user ng-1}} — basic

{{user ng-2}} — intermediate

{{user ng-3}} — advanced

{{user ng-4}} — near native

{{user ng}} — native

nl - Nederlands (Dutch)

Category: user nl

{{user nl-1}} — basic

{{user nl-2}} — intermediate

{{user nl-3}} — advanced

{{user nl-4}} — near native

{{user nl}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2

no - Norsk (Norwegian)

Category: user no

{{user no-1}} — basic

{{user no-2}} — intermediate

{{user no-3}} — advanced

{{user no-4}} — near native

{{user no}} — native

non - Norrœnt (Old Norse)

Category: user non

{{user non-1}} — basic

{{user non-2}} — intermediate

{{user non-3}} — advanced

{{user non-4}} — near native

{{user non}} — native

nv - Diné bizaad (Navajo)

Category: user nv

{{user nv-1}} — basic

{{user nv-2}} — intermediate

{{user nv-3}} — advanced

{{user nv-4}} — near native

{{user nv}} — native

ny - Chi Chewa (Chichewa)

Category: user ny

{{user ny-1}} — basic

{{user ny-2}} — intermediate

{{user ny-3}} — advanced

{{user ny-4}} — near native

{{user ny}} — native

oc - Langue d'Oc (Occitan)

Category: user oc

{{user oc-1}} — basic

{{user oc-2}} — intermediate

{{user oc-3}} — advanced

{{user oc-4}} — near native

{{user oc}} — native

oj - ᐊᓂᐦᔑᓈᐯᒧᐎᓐ (Ojibwe)

Category: user oj

{{user oj-1}} — basic

{{user oj-2}} — intermediate

{{user oj-3}} — advanced

{{user oj-4}} — near native

{{user oj}} — native

om - Oromifaa (Oromo)

Category: user om

{{user om-1}} — basic

{{user om-2}} — intermediate

{{user om-3}} — advanced

{{user om-4}} — near native

{{user om}} — native

or - ଓଡ଼ିଆ (Oriya)

Category: user or

{{user or-1}} — basic

{{user or-2}} — intermediate

{{user or-3}} — advanced

{{user or-4}} — near native

{{user or}} — native

os - Ирон æвзаг (Ossetian)

Category: user os

{{user os-1}} — basic

{{user os-2}} — intermediate

{{user os-3}} — advanced

{{user os-4}} — near native

{{user os}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

pam - Kapampangan (Kapampangan)

Category: user pam

{{user pam-1}} — basic

{{user pam-2}} — intermediate

{{user pam-3}} — advanced

{{user pam-4}} — near native

{{user pam}} — native

pap - Papiamentu ( Papiamento)

Category: user pap

{{user pap -1}} — basic

{{user pap -2}} — intermediate

{{user pap -3}} — advanced

{{user pap -4}} — near native

{{user pap }} — native

pi - pāli (Pali)

Category: user pi

{{user pi-1}} — basic

{{user pi-2}} — intermediate

{{user pi-3}} — advanced

{{user pi-4}} — near native

{{user pi}} — native

pl - Polski (Polish)

Category: user pl

{{user pl-1}} — basic

{{user pl-2}} — intermediate

{{user pl-3}} — advanced

{{user pl-4}} — near native

{{user pl}} — native

ps - پښتو (Pushtu)

Category: user ps

{{user ps-1}} — basic

{{user ps-2}} — intermediate

{{user ps-3}} — advanced

{{user ps-4}} — near native

{{user ps}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

qu - Runa Simi (Quechua)

Category: user qu

{{user qu-1}} — basic

{{user qu-2}} — intermediate

{{user qu-3}} — advanced

{{user qu-4}} — near native

{{user qu}} — native

rm - Rumantsch (Romansh)

Category: user rm

{{user rm-1}} — basic

{{user rm-2}} — intermediate

{{user rm-3}} — advanced

{{user rm-4}} — near native

{{user rm}} — native

rn - Kirundi (Kirundi)

Category: user rn

{{user rn-1}} — basic

{{user rn-2}} — intermediate

{{user rn-3}} — advanced

{{user rn-4}} — near native

{{user rn}} — native

ro - Română (Romanian)

Category: user ro

{{user ro-1}} — basic

{{user ro-2}} — intermediate

{{user ro-3}} — advanced

{{user ro-4}} — near native

{{user ro}} — native

ru - Русский (Russian)

Category: user ru

{{user ru-1}} — basic

{{user ru-2}} — intermediate

{{user ru-3}} — advanced

{{user ru-4}} — near native

{{user ru}} — native

rup - Armâneaşti (Aromanian)

Category: user rup

{{user rup-1}} — basic

{{user rup-2}} — intermediate

{{user rup-3}} — advanced

{{user rup-4}} — near native

{{user rup}} — native

rw - Kinyarwandi (Kinyarwanda)

Category: user rw

{{user rw-1}} — basic

{{user rw-2}} — intermediate

{{user rw-3}} — advanced

{{user rw-4}} — near native

{{user rw}} — native

ryu - うちなーぐち (Ryukyuan)

Category: user ryu

{{user ryu-1}} — basic

{{user ryu-2}} — intermediate

{{user ryu-3}} — advanced

{{user ryu-4}} — near native

{{user ryu}} — native

sa - संस्कृत (Sanskrit)

Category: user sa

{{user sa-1}} — basic

{{user sa-2}} — intermediate

{{user sa-3}} — advanced

{{user sa-4}} — near native

{{user sa}} — native

sah - Саха (Sakha)

Category: user sah

{{user sah-1}} — basic

{{user sah-2}} — intermediate

{{user sah-3}} — advanced

{{user sah-4}} — near native

{{user sah}} — native

sc - Sardu (Sardinian)

Category: user sc

{{user sc-1}} — basic

{{user sc-2}} — intermediate

{{user sc-3}} — advanced

{{user sc-4}} — near native

{{user sc}} — native

scn - Sicilianu (Sicilian)

Category: user scn

{{user scn-1}} — basic

{{user scn-2}} — intermediate

{{user scn-3}} — advanced

{{user scn-4}} — near native

{{user scn}} — native

sco - Scots (Scots)

Category: user sco

{{user sco-1}} — basic

{{user sco-2}} — intermediate

{{user sco-3}} — advanced

{{user sco-4}} — near native

{{user sco}} — native

sd - सिनधि (Sindhi)

Category: user sd

{{user sd-1}} — basic

{{user sd-2}} — intermediate

{{user sd-3}} — advanced

{{user sd-4}} — near native

{{user sd}} — native

se - Sámegiella (Northern Sami)

Category: user se

{{user se-1}} — basic

{{user se-2}} — intermediate

{{user se-3}} — advanced

{{user se-4}} — near native

{{user se}} — native

sg - Sängö (Sango)

Category: user sg

{{user sg-1}} — basic

{{user sg-2}} — intermediate

{{user sg-3}} — advanced

{{user sg-4}} — near native

{{user sg}} — native

sgn - Sign Languages (Sign Language)

Category: user sgn

Note that these require a a different syntax from that of other language templates; see Category:User sgn. ASL users should use the ASL template.

{{user sgn-1}} — basic

{{user sgn-2}} — intermediate

{{user sgn-3}} — advanced

{{user sgn}} — native

si - සිංහල (Sinhala)

Category: user si

{{user si-1}} — basic

{{user si-2}} — intermediate

{{user si-3}} — advanced

{{user si-4}} — near native

{{user si}} — native

simple - Simple English (Simple English )

Category: user simple

{{user simple-1}} — basic

{{user simple-2}} — intermediate

{{user simple-3}} — advanced

{{user simple-4}} — near native

sk - Slovenčina (Slovak)

Category: user sk

{{user sk-1}} — basic

{{user sk-2}} — intermediate

{{user sk-3}} — advanced

{{user sk-4}} — near native

{{user sk}} — native

sl - Slovenščina (Slovene)

Category: user sl

{{user sl-1}} — basic

{{user sl-2}} — intermediate

{{user sl-3}} — advanced

{{user sl-4}} — near native

{{user sl}} — native

sm - Gagana Samoa (Samoan)

Category: user sm

{{user sm-1}} — basic

{{user sm-2}} — intermediate

{{user sm-3}} — advanced

{{user sm-4}} — near native

{{user sm}} — native

sn - chiShona (Shona)

Category: user sn

{{user sn-1}} — basic

{{user sn-2}} — intermediate

{{user sn-3}} — advanced

{{user sn-4}} — near native

{{user sn}} — native

so - Soomaaliga (Somali)

Category: user so

{{user so-1}} — basic

{{user so-2}} — intermediate

{{user so-3}} — advanced

{{user so-4}} — near native

{{user so}} — native

sq - Shqip (Albanian)

Category: user sq

{{user sq-1}} — basic

{{user sq-2}} — intermediate

{{user sq-3}} — advanced

{{user sq-4}} — near native

{{user sq}} — native

sh - Srpskohrvatski/Српскохрватски (Serbocroatian)

Category: user sh

{{user sh-1}} — basic

{{user sh-2}} — intermediate

{{user sh-3}} — advanced

{{user sh-4}} — near native

{{user sh}} — native

sr - Српски (Serbian)

Category: user sr

{{user sr-1}} — basic

{{user sr-2}} — intermediate

{{user sr-3}} — advanced

{{user sr-4}} — near native

{{user sr}} — native

ss - SiSwati (Swati)

Category: user ss

{{user ss-1}} — basic

{{user ss-2}} — intermediate

{{user ss-3}} — advanced

{{user ss-4}} — near native

{{user ss}} — native

st - seSotho (Sesotho)

Category: user st

{{user st-1}} — basic

{{user st-2}} — intermediate

{{user st-3}} — advanced

{{user st-4}} — near native

{{user st}} — native

su - Basa Sunda (Sundanese)

Category: user su

{{user su-1}} — basic

{{user su-2}} — intermediate

{{user su-3}} — advanced

{{user su-4}} — near native

{{user su}} — native

sv - Svenska (Swedish)

Category: user sv

{{user sv-1}} — basic

{{user sv-2}} — intermediate

{{user sv-3}} — advanced

{{user sv-4}} — near native

{{user sv}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

ta - தமிழ் (Tamil)

Category: user ta

{{user ta-1}} — basic

{{user ta-2}} — intermediate

{{user ta-3}} — advanced

{{user ta-4}} — near native

{{user ta}} — native

te - తెలుగు (Telugu)

Category: user te

{{user te-1}} — basic

{{user te-2}} — intermediate

{{user te-3}} — advanced

{{user te-4}} — near native

{{user te}} — native

tg - Тоҷикӣ (Tajik)

Category: user tg

{{user tg-1}} — basic

{{user tg-2}} — intermediate

{{user tg-3}} — advanced

{{user tg-4}} — near native

{{user tg}} — native ފަންވަތް:BabelsExt

ti - ትግርኛ (Tigrinya)

Category: user ti

{{user ti-1}} — basic

{{user ti-2}} — intermediate

{{user ti-3}} — advanced

{{user ti-4}} — near native

{{user ti}} — native

tk - Türkmençe (Turkmen)

Category: user tk

{{user tk-1}} — basic

{{user tk-2}} — intermediate

{{user tk-3}} — advanced

{{user tk-4}} — near native

{{user tk}} — native

tl - Tagalog (Tagalog)

Category: user tl

{{user tl-1}} — basic

{{user tl-2}} — intermediate

{{user tl-3}} — advanced

{{user tl-4}} — near native

{{user tl}} — native

tlh - tlhIngan Hol (Klingon)

Category: user tlh

{{user tlh-1}} — basic

{{user tlh-2}} — intermediate

{{user tlh-3}} — advanced

{{user tlh-4}} — near native

{{user tlh}} — native

tmr - Talmudic Aramaic

Category: user tmr

{{user tmr-1}} — basic

{{user tmr-2}} — intermediate

{{user tmr-3}} — advanced

{{user tmr}} — native

See also

tn - Setswana (Tswana)

Category: user tn

{{user tn-1}} — basic

{{user tn-2}} — intermediate

{{user tn-3}} — advanced

{{user tn-4}} — near native

{{user tn}} — native

to - lea fakatonga (Tongan)

Category: user to

{{user to-1}} — basic

{{user to-2}} — intermediate

{{user to-3}} — advanced

{{user to-4}} — near native

{{user to}} — native ފަންވަތް:Babels2 ފަންވަތް:Babels2

tr - Türkçe (Turkish)

Category: user tr

{{user tr-1}} — basic

{{user tr-2}} — intermediate

{{user tr-3}} — advanced

{{user tr-4}} — near native

{{user tr}} — native

ts - Xitsonga (Tsonga)

Category: user ts

{{user ts-1}} — basic

{{user ts-2}} — intermediate

{{user ts-3}} — advanced

{{user ts-4}} — near native

{{user ts}} — native

tt - Tatarça (Tatar)

Category: user tt

{{user tt-1}} — basic

{{user tt-2}} — intermediate

{{user tt-3}} — advanced

{{user tt-4}} — near native

{{user tt}} — native

tum - chiTumbuka (Tumbuka)

Category: user tum

{{user tum-1}} — basic

{{user tum-2}} — intermediate

{{user tum-3}} — advanced

{{user tum-4}} — near native

{{user tum}} — native

tvl - Tuvalu (Tuvaluan)

Category: user tvl

{{user tvl-1}} — basic

{{user tvl-2}} — intermediate

{{user tvl-3}} — advanced

{{user tvl-4}} — near native

{{user tvl}} — native

tw - Twi (Twi)

Category: user tw

{{user tw-1}} — basic

{{user tw-2}} — intermediate

{{user tw-3}} — advanced

{{user tw-4}} — near native

{{user tw}} — native

ty - Reo Mā`ohi (Tahitian)

Category: user ty

{{user ty-1}} — basic

{{user ty-2}} — intermediate

{{user ty-3}} — advanced

{{user ty-4}} — near native

{{user ty}} — native

tyv - Тыва Дыл (Tyvan)

Category: user tyv

{{user tyv-1}} — basic

{{user tyv-2}} — intermediate

{{user tyv-3}} — advanced

{{user tyv-4}} — near native

{{user tyv}} — native

ug - ئۇيغۇرچە (Uyghur)

Category: user ug

{{user ug-1}} — basic

{{user ug-2}} — intermediate

{{user ug-3}} — advanced

{{user ug-4}} — near native

{{user ug}} — native

uk - Українська (Ukrainian)

Category: user uk

{{user uk-1}} — basic

{{user uk-2}} — intermediate

{{user uk-3}} — advanced

{{user uk-4}} — near native

{{user uk}} — native

ur - اردو (Urdu)

Category: user ur

{{user ur-1}} — basic

{{user ur-2}} — intermediate

{{user ur-3}} — advanced

{{user ur-4}} — near native

{{user ur}} — native

uz - Ўзбек (Uzbek)

Category: user uz

{{user uz-1}} — basic

{{user uz-2}} — intermediate

{{user uz-3}} — advanced

{{user uz-4}} — near native

{{user uz}} — native

ve - Venda (Venda)

Category: user ve

{{user ve-1}} — basic

{{user ve-2}} — intermediate

{{user ve-3}} — advanced

{{user ve-4}} — near native

{{user ve}} — native

vec - Vèneto (Venetian)

Category: user vec

{{user vec-1}} — basic

{{user vec-2}} — intermediate

{{user vec-3}} — advanced

{{user vec-4}} — near native

{{user vec}} — native

vi - Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)

Category: user vi

{{user vi-1}} — basic

{{user vi-2}} — intermediate

{{user vi-3}} — advanced

{{user vi-4}} — near native

{{user vi}} — native

vo - Volapük (Volapük)

Category: user vo

{{user vo-1}} — basic

{{user vo-2}} — intermediate

{{user vo-3}} — advanced

{{user vo-4}} — near native

{{user vo}} — native

wa - Walon (Walloon)

Category: user wa

{{user wa-1}} — basic

{{user wa-2}} — intermediate

{{user wa-3}} — advanced

{{user wa-4}} — near native

{{user wa}} — native

war - Winaray (Waray-Waray)

Category: user war

{{user war-1}} — basic

{{user war-2}} — intermediate

{{user war-3}} — advanced

{{user war-4}} — near native

{{user war}} — native

wo - Wolof (Wolof)

Category: user wo

{{user wo-1}} — basic

{{user wo-2}} — intermediate

{{user wo-3}} — advanced

{{user wo-4}} — near native

{{user wo}} — native

xh - isiXhosa (Xhosa)

Category: user xh

{{user xh-1}} — basic

{{user xh-2}} — intermediate

{{user xh-3}} — advanced

{{user xh-4}} — near native

{{user xh}} — native

yi - ייִדיש (Yiddish)

Category: user yi

{{user yi-1}} — basic

{{user yi-2}} — intermediate

{{user yi-3}} — advanced

{{user yi-4}} — near native

{{user yi}} — native

yo - Yorùbá (Yorùbá)

Category: user yo

{{user yo-1}} — basic

{{user yo-2}} — intermediate

{{user yo-3}} — advanced

{{user yo-4}} — near native

{{user yo}} — native

za - Cuengh (Zhuang)

Category: user za

{{user za-1}} — basic

{{user za-2}} — intermediate

{{user za-3}} — advanced

{{user za-4}} — near native

{{user za}} — native

zh - 中文 (Chinese)

Category: user zh

{{user zh-1}} — basic

{{user zh-2}} — intermediate

{{user zh-3}} — advanced

{{user zh-4}} — near native

{{user zh}} — native

zh-xi'nan - 西南官话/西南官話 (Xi'nan)

Category: user zh-xi'nan

{{user zh-xi'nan-1}} — basic

{{user zh-xi'nan-2}} — intermediate

{{user zh-xi'nan-3}} — advanced

{{user zh-xi'nan-4}} — near native

{{user zh-xi'nan}} — native

zh-hakka - 客家話 (Hakka)

Category: user zh-hakka

{{user zh-hakka-1}} — basic

{{user zh-hakka-2}} — intermediate

{{user zh-hakka-3}} — advanced

{{user zh-hakka-4}} — near native

{{user zh-hakka}} — native

zh-min-nan - Bân-lâm-gú (Min Nan)

Category: user zh-min-nan

{{user zh-min-nan-1}} — basic

{{user zh-min-nan-2}} — intermediate

{{user zh-min-nan-3}} — advanced

{{user zh-min-nan-4}} — near native

{{user zh-min-nan}} — native

zh-wuu - 吳語/吴语 (Wu)

Category: user zh-wuu

{{user zh-wuu-1}} — basic

{{user zh-wuu-2}} — intermediate

{{user zh-wuu-3}} — advanced

{{user zh-wuu-4}} — near native

{{user zh-wuu}} — native

zh-yue - 粵語/粤语 (Cantonese)

Category: user zh-yue

{{user zh-yue-1}} — basic

{{user zh-yue-2}} — intermediate

{{user zh-yue-3}} — advanced

{{user zh-yue-4}} — near native

{{user zh-yue}} — native

zu - isiZulu (Zulu)

Category: user zu

{{user zu-1}} — basic

{{user zu-2}} — intermediate

{{user zu-3}} — advanced

{{user zu-4}} — near native

{{user zu}} — native

Language-related Babel entries

ot - Wants to learn more languages (Languages)

Category: user ot

{{user ot-1}} — basic

{{user ot-2}} — intermediate

{{user ot-3}} — advanced

{{user ot-4}} — near native

{{user ot}} — native

pig - Pig Latin (Pig Latin)

Category: user pig

{{user pig-1}} — basic

{{user pig-2}} — intermediate

{{user pig-3}} — advanced

{{user pig-4}} — near native

{{user pig}} — native

blz - Blazon (Blazon)

Category: user blz

{{user blz-1}} — basic

{{user blz-2}} — intermediate

{{user blz-3}} — advanced

{{user blz-4}} — near native

{{user blz}} — native

que - Quenya (Quenya)

Category: user que

{{user que-1}} — basic

{{user que-2}} — intermediate

{{user que-3}} — advanced

{{user que-4}} — near native

{{user que}} — native

cyr - Cyrillic (Cyrillic alphabet)

Category: user cyr

{{user cyr-1}} — basic

{{user cyr-2}} — intermediate

{{user cyr-3}} — advanced

{{user cyr-4}} — near native

{{user cyr}} — native

1337 - 1337 (1337)

Category: user 1337

{{user 1337-1}} — basic

{{user 1337-2}} — intermediate

{{user 1337-3}} — advanced

{{user 1337-4}} — near native

{{user 1337}} — native

ipa - International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

Category: user ipa

{{user ipa-1}} — basic

{{user ipa-2}} — intermediate

{{user ipa-3}} — advanced

{{user ipa-4}} — near native

{{user ipa}} — native

Deseret English - Mormon English Phonetic Alphabet (Deseret alphabet)

Category: user Deseret English

{{user Deseret English-1}} — basic

{{user Deseret English-2}} — intermediate

{{user Deseret English-3}} — advanced

{{user Deseret English-4}} — near native

{{user Deseret English}} — native

ko-han - 漢字/한자 (Hanja)

Category: user ko-han

{{user ko-han-1}} — basic

{{user ko-han-2}} — intermediate

{{user ko-han-3}} — advanced

{{user ko-han-4}} — near native

{{user ko-han}} — native

Other Babel-like entries

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